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Lunch at Osteria Tulia in Naples

Osteria Tulia

An Osteria is traditionally an Italian restaurant that serves wine and simple local food. This concept continues locally at Osteria Tulia in Naples, Florida, operating since 2013.

Osteria TuliaThere is indoor dining if you prefer, or outdoor dining all in a very simple, comfortable environment as an Osteria should be.

My dining companion and I, since it was a beautiful November day in Naples, decided to dine outside.

Osteria TuliaPane Siciliano, a rustic Sicilian bread with sesame seed was brought to the table with olive oil for dipping and caponata to spread on the bread. It was delicious. Caponata is a blend of eggplant, tomatoes, capers and olives.  As the classic it is, it works beautifully as an accompaniment to Osteria Tulia’s artisinal Italian breads.

For lunch, we decided to try a couple of the pasta dishes. We initially sampled the braised lamb Sugo, or sauce, served with Garganelli pasta, a sort of penne pasta. This was absolutely delicious!  The sugo simmered for hours allowing for a complex meld of its lamb, tomato and Aromatic ingredients. The pasta, always perfectly made, and cooked in house, was finished with Pecorino Romano.

Osteria TuliaWe, also, sampled a very different pasta dish served with a cream sauce as a base instead of tomato. It was served with Torchio pasta and was a perfectly balanced dish. The savoriness of the in house made fennel sausage and roasted red peppers complemented the creaminess and sweetness of a Mascarpone cream sauce, the sweetness of the sauce accentuated by the addition of fresh garden peas.

Osteria TuliaThe selection of pasta shapes in dishes like this is no accident. A torchio, or torch shaped pasta is well suited to hold creamy, chunky sauces such as that used in this dish. Garganelli, or penne shaped pastas, are more suited to sauces that are more broken down after long periods of slow cooking.

Having been to this establishment before, Osteria Tulia continues to please. The dishes are well thought out and prepared and the service is very good. Highly recommended.

Osteria Tulia

466 5th Avenue S.

Naples, FL 34102

(239) 213-2073

Wedsite: Osteria Tulia


Lunch: 11:30-2:30

In between menu: 2:30-5:00

Dinner: 5:00-Close

Peter Horan, Southwest Florida Forks, posted on SWFloridaReporter.com Nov. 23, 2016 

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